It's been two years since our first trip to Japan and our next overseas adventure couldn't come soon enough. A second trip has been a long time in the works but in March 2017 our crew will be leaving Sydney once again with our sights set on the mountains and food markets of Ilha Formosa (The Beautiful Island) aka Taiwan. Most of the Japan crew were in for the journey again along with a few new faces. We're all excited to try the dumplings, pineapple tarts, bubble tea and everything in between that Taiwan has to offer. Just like last time this will be a trip about riding and eating good food with good mates. Hopefully more eating and drinking this time around. 

We're excited to see what awaits us in Taiwan and we'll be sharing our experiences day-to-day on our Instagram feed @slowpokesdayout and afterwards here on our website. Check out our planned route below and if you have any delicious Taiwanese food suggestions we shouldn't miss holler at us at

Special shoutout to @OakleyAus_NZ for sorting us out with some juicy eyewear for the trip.  

Day 1 Plan: Hualien Loop


Date: Sunday, 12 March 2017
Distance: 84km
Elevation: 854m
Route Plan: A chilled day to loosen up the legs and settle the nerves before Day 2's monster climb. We'll be spending the day exploring Taiwan's beautiful East Coast and getting a taste of the local Hualien food. 
Field Notes: Stay tuned!


Day 2 Plan: KOM (Mt Wuling climb from the East)


Date: Monday, 13 March 2017
Distance: 110km
Elevation: 5677m
Major Climbs: Mt Wuling Climb (3243m)
Route Plan: The big mac daddy of the trip! Most people will know this stage as the Taiwan KOM Challenge. We'll be tackling this monster on Day 2 of our trip.
Field Notes: Stay tuned!


Day 3 Plan: Kunyang — Sun Moon Lake


Date: Tuesday, 14 March 2017
Distance: 110km
Elevation: 1200m
Route Plan: Praying for a shorter recover ride after an energy zapping Day 2 as we make our way to Sun Moon Lake. Is recovery ride even possible when you're in the mountains of Taiwan? We hope so.
Field Notes: Stay tuned!


Day 4 Plan: Sun Moon Lake Loop


Date: Wednesday, 15 March 2017
Distance: 102km
Elevation: 1598m
The Plan: We'll spend Day 4 riding around the picturesque Sun Moon Lake, with sparkling blue waters and scenic mountain backdrops. From here we'll head into the surrounding mountainsides before returning to Sun Moon Lake for another night. 
Field Notes: Stay tuned!


Day 5 Plan: Sun Moon Lake — Chiyai


Date: Thursday, 16 March 2017
Distance: 170km
Elevation: 3371m
Route Plan: Another big climbing day! We'll be tackling the mountains near Yushun with the highest climb of the day peaking at 2500m. Afterwards we'll make our way towards the West Coast of Taiwan as we leave the mountains and head to the township of Chiyai.
Field Notes: Stay tuned!


Day 6 Plan: Chiyai — Taichung


Date: Friday, 17 March 2017
Distance: 107km
Elevation: 837m
Route Plan: A lumpy day as we head north up the West coast between the mountains to our right and the populated towns and cities to our left. We will be arriving in Taichung where we are excited to visit the city where Will's family lives and is also home of the original bubble tea!
Field Notes: Stay tuned!


Day 7 Plan: Taichung — Hsinchu


Date: Saturday, 18 March 2017
Distance: 105km
Elevation: 1658m
Route Plan: Heading up the West coast again as we make our way towards Taipei stopping at Hsinchu before our final day's push to Taiwan's capital. 
Field Notes: Stay tuned!


Day 8 Plan: Hsinchu — Taipei


Date: Sunday, 19 March 2017
Distance: 97km
Elevation: 531m
Route Plan: The last leg of the trip up the North coast we hear can get windy. Unfortunately we'll be heading against the winds so our fingers are crossed our final day on the bike doesn't prove to be one of the toughest as we cruise into the big smoke of Taipei. 
Field Notes: Stay tuned!


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Field Notes

We will be releasing our daily field notes of each day after the trip. 
Day 1  — Stay tuned!
Day 2 — Stay tuned!
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